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Jinvida Diesel Parts Co.,Ltd

Jinvida Diesel Parts Co.,Ltd

Diesel Nozzle

Precision Common Rail System Nozzle

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Precision Common Rail System Nozzle

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Jinvida Diesel Parts Co., Ltd are specialized in all kinds of top quality diesel engine fuel injection parts for 20 years, such as fuel injection nozzle, common rail nozzle, fuel injector, plunger , element, rotor head, delivery valve, repairing kits, feed pump, came plate, fuel spacer, washer of injector, nozzle tester, etc. also many replacements for BOSCH, ZEXEL, DENSO, DELPHI, CAT, KOMATSU, CUMMINS and so on


Diesel Nozzle

CR nozzle, P style nozzle, S style nozzle, DN style nozzle, PDN style nozzle,

Yammar nozzle, long nozzle, DSLA style short needle nozzle, fuel injector


DLLA 157P649

DSLA 150P706

DLLA 150P758

DSLA 156P736

DSLA 156P737

firad DLLA 147P747-J

ND-DLLA 143P761

firad DLLA 148P765-J

DSLA 145P763

ND-DLLA 142P793

DSLA 142P795

DSLA 136P804

DLLA 148P817

ND-DLLA 142P852

ND-DLLA 158P854

DSLA 140P862+

ND-DLLA 155P863

ND-DLLA 145P864

ND-DLLA 152P865

DLLA 156P889

ND-DLLA 145P926+

ND-DLLA 145P928+

DSLA 150P952

DLLA 157P964

DSLA 143P970

DSLA 144P971+

DSLA 158P974

DLLA 145P978

DSLA 142P988+

DLLA 150P1011

DSLA 144P1021

DSLA 140P1033

DSLA 154P1034

DSLA 143P1058

DLLA 160P1063+

DLLA 148P1067

DSLA 156P1076+

DSLA 145P1091

DLLA 156P1107

DLLA 156P1114

DSLA 154P1129

DLLA 150P1197

DLLA 150P1224

DSLA 150P1247

DSLA 150P1250

DLLA 153P1270+

DLLA 146P1296

DSLA 124P1309

DSLA 154P1320

DLLA 142P1333

DLLA 146P1339+

DLLA 156P1367

DLLA 156P1368

DSLA 156P1411

DLLA 150P1437

DSLA 142P1474

DLLA 156P1509

DLLA 150P1512



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